Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery

Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery, or MBCR, is a mindfulness meditation program designed specifically for people living with cancer.

Those who complete MBCR learn principles of mindfulness and how to effectively apply these principles to cope with stress and illness. Those who participate in MBCR learn techniques such as meditation, relaxation, body awareness exercises, and gentle yoga. Benefits of MBCR include better stress management and mood, and fewer negative symptoms and side-effects related to cancer treatments.

The MBCR program has been offered through the Tom Baker Centre (Calgary, Alberta) for the past 20 years. The MBCR program included in the ONE-MIND study is an online program (as opposed to face-to-face), provided by a trained facilitator.

Why online MBCR?

Why online MBCR?

There are several reasons that face-to-face MBCR may not be practical for individuals who are undergoing chemotherapy, including lowered immunity, travel time, and conflicting medical appointments. In recent months, COVID-19 has also changed the availability of face-to-face programs. Given these barriers to face-to-face participation, we are providing MBCR online, in live interactive groups, where people can see and hear the instructor and other participants. This provides the experience of MBCR groups from the comfort and safety of your own home.